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Nature in its perfect translation: a landscape that reveals the exuberance of its characteristic cliffs, sandbanks, and mangrove forest. Here, before the day is even born a fireball rises from the sea. Kûara, as the indigenous call it in their native language. The Sun, reinforced for mere delight. To experience it, there is nothing like this privileged getaway at Arraial d’Ajuda. At the Atlantic Forest reservation, surrounded by vegetation and witness to the encounter between river and sea, we find Kûara Hotel inviting its guests to the white sands and warm waters of Bahia, all of it found with the maximum comfort and a unique welcoming. On the details reside its charm and exclusivity as well as the expression of a successful mix: Bahia, Minas Gerais and, why not, the international touch are also part of the region’s charm. On the chosen materials: wood, fibers and stone, and so the poetry of local artisans comes alive, in a dialogue with the contemporary design making a one-of-a-kind place.

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RUstic, natural AND modern

If the private beach inspires our eyes and reignites our senses, there is yet another reason for the facilities to bring in a complete experience. On the infinite edge of the swimming pool adults relax at the hydromassage, while children enjoy the pool created just for them, with total safety. Saunas also provide a sea view and it is perfect for the end of a day. At the bar, with gazebos composing the landscape, guests find drinks and special snacks, bringing Bahia and Minas as well as international flavors all into a delicious mix. At the restaurant, we find a complete cellar, selected by professionals, and a varied menu with a reserved place for an authentic parrilla. Those who have taste it can attest to this: it is impossible not to surrender to the expressive Kûara’s gastronomy.


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The idea is to offer the best service and as such Kûara offers conveniences in all moments of the accommodation. For arrival, there is a heliport for up to 6 Helicopters. Among the range of activities is possible to enjoy two clay tennis courts, a well-equipped fitness center and the exclusivity of the Spa L’Occitane, the only one in the South of Bahia. As far as watersports, there are kayaks and SUPs (Stand Up Paddles) available, as well as the option of outrigger canoe. This is all within a 5-minute walk from downtown Arraial d’Ajuda and 20 minutes from Quadrado de Trancoso. Here, guests own their time and can enjoy moments of vibrant life and entertainment alongside moments of pure contemplation.