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Many faces of the same experience at the Bahia beach coast. The region brings multicultural particularities providing intensities… There is time and space for relaxation, fun, adventure and history. How do you prefer to amuse yourself today?


An Invitation to pleasure. Arraial d’Ajuda is a district filled with paradisiac beaches and historic sights. When the night falls, the atmosphere gains new colors in this rustic scenery that shines with stores and cozy restaurants. The Village gathers a large number of foreign residents, creating a vibrant vibe, with its own culture in which the Brazilian identity and international culture get well along.


A village with street sands and no traffic squanders coziness and rusticity. A destiny that offers a spectacular meeting between river and sea, awakens a unique sensation to all of those who surrender to its charm.


This beach has its name from its amazing water mirrors at low tides and it is about an hour from Trancoso. Its clear waters, coral formation and white sands compose a beautiful and inviting landscape. To visit is important to consult the tides charts.


There are good reasons celebrities seek refuge here. Trancoso has the crystalline beautiful beaches and a very rich history, with much personality. Visitors from every country fall in love with the scenery and the warm reception from locals.


This is a beach with exuberant scenery, low and calm ties make up swimming pools with warm and inviting waters. It is possible to stroll through its long sand lines. Bring your water bottle, a hat and have fun.


Nearly deserted, Taipe Beach is surrounded by native forest and cliffs that rise up to almost 2,000 inches (or 50 meters) high, offering the visitor a spectacle on its own. The pulsating nature brings the most original vibe of Bahia. A place to remember.